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The name “Al-Thunibat” has been associated with a distinguished reputation and expertise that has been characterized by professionalism and credibility, in the legal services sector, for more than 50 years. Through which we dealt with issues and provided services related to various sectors, including: [government institutions, banks, companies and individuals]. Today, we are proud to be a leading legal center, offering specialized legal services and consultancy, including for example: [contracts, e-commerce, cyber security, intellectual property and legal risk management], both locally and regionally.

Welcome To Al-Thunibat Law Firm

Al-Thunibat Law Firm is a leading commercial litigation and business services boutique that provide high quality services to our clients as a result of our team’s deep knowledge, professionalism, business-oriented legal thinking and extensive expertise.

Our law firm has been in business since 1968 in Jordan.

We understand what matters at the intersection of business and technology: Agility, Ingenuity, Smart risks, and Lean strategy. That’s why we’ve built our legal practice on those very values. We can guarantee you the attention of an experienced lawyer.

Clients expect good legal advice when they pay for outside counsel but we aim to go beyond that. We will give practical advice rather than indulging in academic opinions. And when you contact us, we won’t start the stopwatch immediately, we will talk through your needs and then discuss the billing method that is most suitable for your business.

Vision & Values

We deliver more than first – class legal insight – we create value for our clients with an updated, industry-focused model designed for today’s dynamic business environment. We believe on:

  • Quality


    We promise to provide to our clients a high quality of services that associated with high and deep legal knowledge, innovative legal thinking, professionalism, effectiveness, expertise and know-how


    Our goal is to protect our client’s interests and we commit to safeguard them


    We believe in maintaining a strong relation with our clients, based on mutual trust, confidentiality and respect


    Our aim is to provide innovative legal solutions anticipating client’s needs


    We offer big-team insight and experience without big-firm overhead. Our resources are exclusively dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal advice
  • Excellence


    To relentlessly pursue delivery of outstanding results in everything we do.


  • Features
  • Legal support / Consultation

  • Document review

  • Legal action

  • Fees


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  • Option 1

  • 2 hours per week

  • Per case

  • Per case

  • Per case

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  • GOLD

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  • Option 2

  • 6 hours per week

  • Up to 3 documents

  • Up to 2 cases per month

  • Customised annually

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  • Option 3

  • 24/7

  • Unlimited

  • Unlimited Legal actions

  • Customised annually

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Our History

1968 – Opening
Founded by Abdulmajeed Al-Thunibat. Al-Karak, Jordan.

1991 – Open branch Office
Amman, Jordan.

2004 – A New management
Managed by Dr. Mohammad Al-Thunibat.

2006 – New areas of expertise
IT & IP, Legal Risk Management, ecommerce.