What legal services do we offer to establishments and companies in Jordan and the Middle East?

  • Legal auditing of cybersecurity programs: This service is one of the services that we are distinguished for, which provides a secure solution for financial institutions and companies to ensure the legitimacy and legality of their programs designed for cybersecurity. This service aims to audit the foundations and controls of the programs designed to protect cybersecurity in a way that ensures their consistency with the legislative requirements and laws governing cybersecurity in Jordan and the Middle East. In addition to enhancing the flexibility of these programs from a legal point of view, taking into account the nature of the work of the establishment, its size, business, human cadres, clients and the legal and contractual obligations associated with it.
  • Drafting and/or auditing cyber security policies: This service has an important impact through which it enhances the safety of the legal status of establishments and companies. By providing this service, we are working on formulating, controlling, and/or auditing the policies required to protect cyber security, taking into account the form of the company or establishment, the nature of its work, its size, the quality of its dealings, the powers granted to its cadres, the nature of dealings with any external parties, its obligations and rights. This is in order to prepare policies that take into account ensuring its legal status in light of Jordanian and Arab legislation, and thus ensuring its legal compliance with those legislations and its obligations towards third parties or employees.


Auditing the programs and policies of the establishment
Formulating and auditing the policies of Authority - Dealing - Assessment - Reporting
Providing tips & solutions
Draw legal plans and indicate methods of protection